How to Invite Users/Colleagues

Invite Users/Colleagues #

Only users with Administrator permission can Add, Edit or Delete their company users. So, make sure you have the required permission.

To invite users/ your colleagues to your company on ContractComplete please follow the steps below:

  • Click My Company tab located on the top right side
  • Click User/Regional Settings on the menu
  • Make sure you have Administrator permission by viewing your permission on the right side.

  • Click Add User button

  • Fill in the required fields on the ‘Account Invite’ window then click the Next button

  • Select a Permission on the ‘Edit User Permissions’ window
    • For giving the user Administrator Permission make sure the Administrator check box is checked. Note: Administrator can add/delete/edit users, add/delete/edit divisions, assign admin rights to other users, make 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled or mandatory and enabling the Quoting Module.

    • For selecting other Permissions, first uncheck the Administrator checkbox. Now click on one of the divisions on the left side in case there are more than one division, then select a Permission.
      Each user can have the same or different permission in different divisions. (e.g., a user can have the Manager Permission in Division A and at the same time be only a Resource Viewer in Division B). If you don’t want a user to see the contracts of a specific division, you can uncheck all the permissions’ checkboxes for that division when adding or editing a user’s permission. Note: Click the Plus sign for each permission to see the permitted actions. 

  • Click the Accept button to finish adding the user. The user will be added on the page and an invitation email will be sent to the entered email address.

Resend Invite #

Resend invite option can be used later in case the user didn’t sign up.

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