How to Export Bid Review/Analysis Documents

1. Open the desired project from “My Bids and Tenders”:

2. Select the “Submissions” tab to review all bids:

  • You’ll see each bidder’s pricing for all items:

  • You can compare the bidders’ pricing to the average bid price submitted or the set budgeted pricing. Then you can quickly compare each bidder’s totals and see if they’ve priced under (green cell) or over (red cell) the average bid price or budgeted price for each item:

  • You can also filter which bidders you want to view:

3. Export bid reviews:

A. As a PDF:

  • Choose what to include in the summary
  • Deselect any bidders you want to exclude
  • Select the paper size and orientation
    • Note: Increase paper size if columns appear too narrow

  • Click “Accept.”

A PDF document will now download and open in your default PDF viewer or browser.

B. To CSV:

  • This will automatically download the budgeted pricing and all bidder’s pricing.

C. To Excel:

  • You have the option to include the budget pricing and/or the average bid pricing, as well as exclude individual bidders:

  • Click “Accept.”

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