How to Approve a Proposed Change Order

1. Open the project in “My Contracts” and select the “Change Orders” tab:

2. On the right you will see a list of all proposed changes:

  • You can view which ones have been requested

3. Select which invoice you want to approve and review the proposed change:

  • You can add new items and/or edit the quantity, unit, and unit price of each item.
  • You can also view as a PDF document:

4. Select “Create Change Order” from either tab when you are ready to finalize the change order:


5. Add a name and description:

7. Select users who are required to sign the change order:

  • You can also add an external stakeholder to sign the document

  • Click “Accept.”

8. Review PDF document and then select “Send to Signees”:

9. Click the checkbox to verify the amount is correct and select “Send to Signees”:

10. Sign the Change Order. Select “Open for Signing”:

11. Read and accept the terms:

12. Review PDF document and sign:

  • Draw your signature and click “Done.”

13. Select “Confirm” to finalize the signature.

The change order is now finalized.


  • A notification has been sent to the contractor and any stakeholders added in the signee section (Step 7).
  • All signees must return a signature before the change order is complete.

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