How to Create and Send Submittals

1. Open the desired project in “My Contracts” and select the “Submittals” tab:

2. Select “Create New Submittal”:

  • Enter a title for the submittal.
  • Click “Accept.”

This will automatically generate the document organizer.

3. Add documents and enter/change information in organizer:

  • Add any PDF files you wish to include with the submittal
  • Manage image displayed on submittal
  • Change submittal title and number if needed
  • Enter date and date submittal was requested
  • Add description if needed
  • Select the name of your recipient

Click “Save and Update” for any changes made.

4. Review and Send.

  • Review the submittal and ensure all necessary documents and information are included.
  • Click “Send Submittal.”

The submittal has now been sent to the stakeholders for approval.

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