How to Import an Excel File into your Schedule of Prices

1. Open the project in “My Bids and Tenders” or “My Contracts” and select the “Schedule of Prices” tab:

2. Select “Import” on the right side of the Pricing tab:

3. Import your excel file by one of the following methods:

A. Upload an existing Excel sheet:

  • Select the “Try the Smart Importer (Experimental)” box.
  • Upload your Excel file.
    • Note: The importer only accepts Excel formats 2007 and later.
  • Click “Accept.”

B. Upload using the provided Template:

  • Select the “Download Template” button and open file once download is complete.
  • In the “Tender Form Worksheet” tab, fill in section headers with item number, name, quantity, unit type, and unit price. Description is optional.
    • Note: you need to enter at least the item number and item name to upload the file.
  • You may also add provisional items in the “Provisional Worksheet” tab.
    • Tip: We have provided example worksheets to see how you can fill in the sheet as well as an example of numbering styles for organizing your items .
  • Once you’ve completed filling in the Excel Template, Save and upload file.
    • Important: Importing the excel file will overwrite all existing items in your Schedule of Pricing and/or Provisional Items.
  • You will be shown a preview of the import. Here you can change the indent and outdent of a given item. Click “Finish Import.”

Download the template here:

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