How to Import an Excel File into your Schedule of Prices

1. Open “My Bids, Tenders, and Quotes” and select the desired contract. Click on the “Schedule of Prices” tab.

2. Select “Import” on the right side of the Pricing tab:

3. Import your excel file by one of the following methods:

A. Upload an existing Excel sheet:

  • Select the “Try the Smart Importer (Experimental)” box
  • Upload your Excel file
    • Note: the importer only accepts Excel formats 2007 and later
  • Click “Accept”

B. Upload using the provided Template:

  • Select the “Download Template” button and open file once download is complete
  • In the “Tender Form Worksheet” tab, fill in section headers with item number, name, quantity, unit type, and unit price. Description is optional
    • Note: you need to enter at least the item number and item name to upload the file
  • You may also add provisional items in the “Provisional Worksheet” tab
    • Tip: We have provided example worksheets to see how you can fill in the sheet as well as an example of numbering styles for organizing your items
  • Once you’ve completed filling in the Excel Template, Save and upload file
    • Important: Importing the excel file will overwrite all existing items in your Schedule of Pricing and/or Provisional Items
  • You will be shown a preview of the import. Here you can change the indent and outdent of a given item. Click “Finish Import”

Download the template here:

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