How to Complete a Site Inspection

Note: A Site Inspection can only be completed through the mobile app. You can view all site inspections on your phone in the mobile app or on your computer in the desktop website.

1. Sign into your mobile app and select the “Contracts” icon at the bottom right. Select the desired contract where you wish you complete a site inspection:

2. Select the “Inspections” icon:

3. To create a new inspection, tap the plus button at the bottom right:

4. Enter any available details about the site inspection:


  • Purpose of the inspection
  • Inspection Number


  • Other companies and individuals on site
  • Weather Conditions
  • Temperature – select unit of measure
  • General Remarks

You may change these values at any point during or after the site inspection is completed.

5. Tap “Save” to create the site inspection.

This will automatically generate a PDF document that you may now add items to.

6. Tap the “Add/Edit Items” tab on the top right. Add new items here by tapping the plus button at the bottom right and selecting, “Add Item”:

7. Enter item details and add photos by tapping the plus button at the bottom right:

  • Tap the camera icon to take a photo with your phone, or
  • Tap the insert image icon to use an existing photo

Tap “Save” once you have added all your comments and photos to the item. The PDF will automatically generate a numerical list.

8. After you have added and saved all items for your site inspection, tap “Save” again at the bottom of your “Add/Edit Items” tab to finalize all changes:

You may also rearrange items by taping the plus button at bottom right and selecting, “Drag and Drop Items.”

9. Select the “View/Edit PDF” tab to view the final document:

A PDF for the site inspection will be saved under the “Documents” folder in the given project. You can view and download the PDF from either the mobile app or desktop website by selecting the “Documents” tab under that contract.

Learn how to delete an item from your site inspection here

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