How to Forward my Bid to my Colleague (or Estimator)

1. Go to “My Tenders and Bids” and select the desired project:

2. From the “Overview” tab, select “Add Bidder”:

3. Send the bid either of the following ways:

A. Select from your list of existing contacts.

  • Click “Select” beside the company name.
  • Click “Save.” This will send an email notification to the user email associated with the company. They will be able to download all tender documents associated with the project.

B. Add a new company.

  • Select “Invite New Company.”
  • Enter user name, email, and company name:

  • Select “Add Bidder” to save the new user.

They will now appear under the “Selected and Invited Companies” heading.

  • Select “Save.” An email notification will be sent to the user where they can download all the tender documents.

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