How to Create and Send a Progress Invoice

You must add invoice items to progress reports first. Only items that have been added to progress reports can be invoiced. Learn “how to create a progress report/site progress report document.”

1. There are two ways to create an invoice:

A. From the “Progress Reports” tab, select “Create Invoice”:

B. From the “Invoices/PCs” tab, select “Invoice Progress”:

2. Enter Invoice name and number:

  • Click “Accept.”

3. Enter the quantities for each item you wish to invoice.

4. Review draft document PDF and edit amount to invoice.

A. Invoice Coverpage and PDF

  • Add any PDF files you wish to include in the change order
  • Add any holdbacks, taxes and fees
  • Consultant name and invoice details:

Click “Save and Update Document.”

B. Edit Quantities

  • You can only add items from your progress report(s) to invoice items. You will see what items can be invoiced:
  • You can choose to invoice all items or select the quantity to invoice for each item:

  • Click “Save” if any changes are made.
  • Go back to the “Invoice Coverpage and PDF” tab and click “Save and Update PDF.”

4. Submit for approval.

  • From the “Invoice Coverpage and PDF” tab, select “Send Invoice.”
  • You will see a final deliver notice that will indicate if you are missing the consultants name or company address, as well as if you have not saved your recent changes. Click “Yes” to submit and deliver the invoice.

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