Construction Management Software Built for
General Contractors Using Unit Price Contracts

Construction Management Software for General Contractors

Streamline, Simplify, and Accelerate

Optimize for Cash Flow & Margin

all unit price contracts in one central location

ContractComplete provides General Contractors with a solution that simplifies your project management and improves your cash flow.

By eliminating the tedious paperwork and cumbersome spreadsheets throughout your project's lifecycle, ContractComplete ensures connectivity between the office and field staff by offering project documentation accessible any time and anywhere.

With ContractComplete, General Contractors can easily generate project quotes, promptly respond to tenders, track and manage RFIs (Requests for Information), seamless create and receive approval for change orders, and streamline your invoicing process for faster payments.

Access Drawings & Specs

Manage Change Orders

Report & Invoice on Progress

Accuracy and Speed

Quote Projects Efficiently

With the Quote Builder module, contractors simplify quote creation without sacrificing quality:

  • Effortlessly create quotes with a built-in master price list database.
  • Present polished and professional quotes using pre-set and customizable templates.
  • Ensure accuracy and transparency with detailed unit breakdowns and built-in calculators.

All Progress Ready for Billing

Real-time Progress Billing

Get real-time project oversight ready for immediate billing.

Quickly evaluate progress on contract items with easy navigation.

Examine subtask details to ensure thorough completion.

View real-time status of tasks and subtasks by unit or percentage.

Keep tasks aligned with your bid or quote for easy management.

Time is money.

Speed and efficiency are the keys to success.

Improved Cash Flow

PDF Invoice Builder

With the PDF Invoice Builder, contractors maintain timely invoicing and improve their cash flow:

  • Convert project progress into invoices effortlessly, jumpstarting the billing process.
  • Automatically generate professional formatted PDFs for easy sharing.
  • Maintain a real-time snapshot of completed and billed work, ensuring accurate financial tracking.
  • Centralize organization for all generated invoices, keeping financial records easily accessible and organized.

Quick access to all your contract documents (specifications, drawings etc.) at your finger tips. No need to sort through folders and files, all your documents are organized and labelled under each contract and available anywhere. Great feature for project managers and superintendents.



Torres Hardscapes

Keep Track of All Changes

Manage Change Orders

With the Change Order module, contractors can ensure effective change management:

  • Embrace the inevitability of change with streamlined change order processes.
  • Protect project margins and maximize business profit by managing changes effectively.
  • Keep track of all change requests and approvals to ensure projects remain on track.
  • Act on changes promptly to maintain project momentum and meet deadlines.

Accessible Any Time, Anywhere

Mobile Ready

Whether on-site, at the office, or on the go, access all your project information and documents effortlessly.

With our mobile app, you have everything you need right at your fingertips, ensuring seamless project management regardless of your location.

Available on iOS and Android

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