Smart Estimation Tools

Create Project Budgets Based
on Historical Pricing

Increase Budget Accuracy

Notice Trends in the Market

Save Time

Powerful & Complete

Automatically Compile Historical Pricing

As you award projects to contractors, your pricing database naturally grows. All data is your own and not shared with anyone.

Powerful Historical Data

Search Based on Date and Location

Filter your search results based on when and where the project took place in order to create your most accurate budgets possible.

Contract Complete has become a staple in our office for administering our contracts and has saved our firm time and money while helping to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the process. We have looked at numerous software packages that are very cumbersome and we find the simplicity of contract complete very refreshing! We will continue to utilize this great tool!


Owner and Principal Landscape Architect

Adesso Design Inc.

Automate your Bid Comparison

Compare your Bids with your Budget

Instantly assess how your team's budget did after the bid close. You can easily compare bidder prices to the average or the budget.

Don't get left behind.

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