How to Create a Schedule of Pricing

1. Open the the project under the “My Bids and Tenders” or “My Contracts” and select the “Schedule of Prices” tab:

2. Enter contract items with the following details:

  • Item Name
  • Quantity
  • Unit type
  • Unit price
  • Description (optional).

  • You can also create subcategories for an item by selecting the

button beside it.

  • Create as many subcategories as you wish for each item and add additional subcategories to customize the pricing structure and breakdown items into smaller components:

4. Edit and save your item list.

  • Use the toolbar at the top to edit, save, and rearrange items in the list:
  • You can change the order of each item as well as the indentation and out dentation to change subcategory location.

Additional Features:

Expand or Collapse all contract items and subitems

Export Schedule of Prices as a PDF, CSV, or excel file

Add, Edit, or Delete unit types

Review previous revisions to the contract

Import your excel file into the Schedule of Prices. Click on the link to learn how to import an excel file:

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