How to Export and Send Quotes

1. Sign into ContractComplete and open the project under “My Quotes”:

2. Once you have created a quote and have completed adding all items and documents, select the “Overview” tab and click on “View Quote”:

3. Use the document organizer to review quote and make any final changes:

  • Add any PDF files you wish to include in the change order
  • Add taxes and fees
  • Enter a quote number
  • Select the date
  • Enter the name or/and company you are sending the quote to
  • Enter any terms and conditions
  • Add Inclusions and Exclusions to contract, i.e. warranties
  • Add signatures

Click “Save and Update” for any changes made.

4. Send and/or export quote:

A. From the document organizer:

  • Select “Email Quote” to send the quote directly to someone
  • Download a PDF or Print the Quote

B. Export item list:

  • Export the Schedule of Prices and/or Provisional Items as a PDF, CSZ, or Excel file from within each of their tabs:

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