How to View Bids and Award a Tender/Bid

Note: You can only award a tender/bid after the deadline date.

1. Go to “My Tenders and Bids” and select the desired project:

2. Select the “Submissions” tab to view bids in comparison to one another:

  • Use the filter to select which bids you want to compare
  • Compare them to the overall average pricing of submitted bids or your budgeted pricing

  • You can also download all the bids as a PDF or excel file

3. To award the tender and commence into a contract, go to the “Overview” tab and select “Commence Contract Admin” beside the contractor you are awarding the contract to:

4. Choose whether you want to add the contractor now or later and then select “Commence Contract Admin” (you can add the contractor at any time):

An email notification will be sent to the contractor once they are added.

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