How to create an awarded contract

1. Follow the steps in “How to create a solo mode contract.”

2. Open the contract in “My Contracts.” From the “Overview” tab, select “Add Primary Stakeholder”:

Note: You will not be able to change your schedule of prices once you add a primary stakeholder.

3. Search for the company you wish to be your primary stakeholder from the list or invite a new company if they are not already in your ContractComplete database:

A. Search for company in database:

  • You can you the industry filters to narrow down your search
  • Click “Select.”
  • Choose if the stakeholder will be able to edit the contract:
  • Click “Save.”

The company will now be your primary stakeholder and your contract will no longer be in solo mode.

B. Select “Invite New Company”

  • Enter all details of the recipient and company name. Select “Add” to invite more than one person from the same company:
  • Once you have added all the recipients, click “Send.”

An email will be sent to the recipient(s) with details on how to join ContractComplete.

  • Once the user has joined ContractComplete, proceed with step 3.A.

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