How to Create a Holdback Invoice

Note: Payment Certificates need to be approved before issuing a holdback invoice.

To learn how to create and approve a payment certificate, click here.

1. Open the project in “My Contracts” and go to the “Invoices/PCs” tab:

2. Select and approve the payment certificate:

  • Review and add any additional holdbacks:

  • Select “Approve Payment.”

3. Select the holdbacks you want to invoice for:

4. Select “PC From Selected Holdbacks”:

  • Enter a name and number for the holdback certificate. Click “Accept.”

This will open the document organizer.

5. Edit and finalize the generated PDF:

  • Add PDF files
  • Add the name of the contractor
  • Select the date
  • Choose font size
  • Add client name and address
  • Add summary and conclusion
  • Add signatures

6. Select “Approve Payment.”

  • Click “Yes” to approve the holdback invoice.

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