Procurement for Unit Price Contracts

An Efficient & Fair Bidding
Process for All

Increase Budget Accuracy

Notice Trends in the Market

Save Time

Get More Bids

Instantly Assess Bidder Engagement

Know whether or not bidders have registered to bid, downloaded the project files or if they've acknowledged addenda.

Save Time

Increase Compliant Bids

You have the option to only allow 100% complete and compliant bids. Bidders aren't able to change the bid form or edit the units for their convenience. Make bidders submit, your way.

Prior to using ContractComplete, we were collecting PDF bids by email which were a nuisance to deal with. A lot of the bids would come back incomplete, which was a pain to level, plus transferring the results into our own spreadsheet took hours!

Now everything is automated so that bidders can’t submit unless it’s compliant and the bid review is done instantly, which saves me 4-6 hours per bid. The support has also been great, the staff at ContractComplete are always willing to help whenever I have an issue and my feedback is constantly being used to improve the product.


Reserves & Bidding Manager

The Falcon Group

Centralize Bidder Questions

Instant Addenda

Last minute changes happen. It's ok. During the bidding process, easily compile all changes of scope & bidder Q&A, then generate and distribute addenda in one click.

Save Hours per Bid Review

Instant Bid Reviews

Review bids moments after the close, line by line in beautifully generated PDFs or Excel Exports. Eliminate spreadsheet data entry.

Don't get left behind.

Get a demo now!

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