How to Create and Send a Change Order

1. Open the project in “My Contracts” and select the “Change Orders” tab:

2. Select “Create Change Order”:

  • Enter a name:

  • Click “Accept.”

3. Add all of your change order items with their respective quantities, unit type, and unit price. You can also add a description for each item:

  • Select “Show/Hide Contract” to use items from the schedule of pricing within the contract and add them to your change order:

  • You can also import an excel file into the Item list. Click on the link below to learn how:

4. Review the document and make any final changes:

  • Add any PDF files you wish to include in the change order
  • Add the name of the consultant
  • Select the date
  • Add the change order number and name
  • Add/Edit Intro or conclusion text
  • Add signatures

Select “Save and Update Document” after any changes are made in the document organizer.

5. Export and/or Send Change Order as PDF

  • Export the change order as a PDF file:

  • Send a PDF of the change order directly to an email:

6. Select “Apply Change” to finalize the change order:

The change order is now finalized. An email notification will be sent to the contractor.

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