How to Create an Addendum

1. Open the desired project in “My Bids & Tenders” and select the “Addendum Builder” tab on the right:

Note: This tab only becomes available once you have commenced the bidding process.

2. Select what tab(s) and items you wish to include in the addendum:

  • All bidder questions and changes made to the schedule of prices, provisional items, and documents will automatically appear here, otherwise it will indicate you have made no changes.

  • New items will appear green, as seen above, and changes to existing items will appear yellow. Deleted items appear in red.

  • You can select individual items or include all items within by selecting the tab itself.

  • You can also add questions.

3. Once the selections are final, select “Create from Selected”:

4. You will be shown a draft of the addendum within a document organizer. Review the document and make any final changes:

  • Add any PDF files you wish to include in the addendum
  • Change the name of the addendum
  • Change font and/or font size
  • Edit summary or conclusion text
  • Add signatures

Select “Save and Update” for any changes made in the document organizer.

5. Select “Send Addendum”. The document will be emailed to all bidders as well they will have access to the files on ContractComplete.

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