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What is ContractComplete?

How much time investment does it take to get started with ContractComplete?

  • We have designed an easy and effective onboarding process that allows new users to start their first bid/tender in as little at one hour.
  • Our onboarding strategy involves a walkthrough of the new contract process with one of our experts.
  • Our goal is to make sure you are seeing the benefits in as little time as possible!

Do bidders have to pay to submit bids or tenders?

  • No. There is no charge for the bidders.
  • We want to make it as easy as possible for our users to invite bidders so we’ve chosen to allow them to submit for Free.

How much time does it take me to create and send my first bid or tender?

  • You can have your first tender out on your first day using the software.
  • You can easily import your unit price contracts into our program from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Invite your bidders, set a deadline, add some instructions, upload your documents and hit Send!

Can the bidders see my budget? Can they see who else is invited?

  • No, of course they cannot see your budget, that’s for your eyes only.
  • And no, they cannot see who else is invited.

Does ContractComplete create Bid Comparison Analysis?

  • Typically, office staff will manually assemble a Tender Comparison otherwise known as bid analysis from pdf forms or excel bid forms received from bidding contractors.
  • With ContractComplete bids are submitted on a web-based form and line by line comparison is created instantly at bid deadline.

Where is my data stored?

  • Many of our current users were using their desktop PC, in-house server or, some sort of generic cloud-based document sharing application (eg. Google drive, Dropbox).
  • ContractComplete comes with unlimited data storage with AWS – Amazon Web Services.

How can I access ContractComplete?

  • Many offices are restricted to accessing their documents at work from a local server.
  • Our SaaS is web-based and users can access their documents from any web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Edge) anywhere with proper sign in credentials (username + password)

How secure is my data on ContractComplete platform?

  • Customer data is stored in a secure database protected by multiple firewalls and security protocols.
  • All ContractComplete employees accessing sensitive information are required to sign an NDA.
  • Static encryption of contractors’ bids is an optional feature available free of charge.

Does ContractComplete have a mobile app?

  • Yes we have an Apple iOS and Android application for mobile use. 
  • From the app, documents can be viewed and downloaded and real-time progress on each line item can be viewed.
  • Site inspections, change orders, RFIs and submittals can also now be dealt with in the field.

What document formats am I able to share?

  • The most commonly accepted file type in private and public construction is PDF (printable document format). However, in certain circumstances larger CAD files maybe shared with contractors for greater ease in estimating quantity take-offs.
  • ContractComplete will store most document formats – PDF, all microsoft office formats, CAD, CSV, zip. However only certain formats can be previewed in the browser. Others must be downloaded first.

How do I get my excel spreadsheet onto ContractComplete?

  • Most other platforms require the use of a strict template and copy and pasting your data in a specific way.
  • Using artificial intelligence(ai), ContractComplete’s smart-spreadsheet-importer is able to recognize xlsm and xlsx documents of a wide range of column arrangements, sub-groupings and line item numbering.

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