How to Forward Submittals to Sub-Consultants

1. Open the project in “My Contracts” and select the “Submittals” tab:

2. Select the submittal you want to forward:

This will open the PDF document organizer.

3. Select “Send to 3rd Party” and select one of the following:

  • Auto: this will send your response to the contractor and the 3rd party.
  • Manual: this will send your response to the 3rd party only.

4. Select “Generate URL”:

5. Forward the Submittal either of the following ways:

A. Copy and paste the URL directly into an email.

B. Select “Send as Email” to send an email notification through ContractComplete:

  • Select the stakeholder
  • Or add a new stakeholder:

Enter the stakeholder’s information:

Click “Accept.”

6. Click “Accept” to send the email notification.

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