Introducing Variable Pricing!

You gave us feedback and we listened! It’s a new year and we wish you all the best! We are super excited to introduce variable pricing starting January 15th, 2018.

We understand that contractors may not always be willing to bid on every tender, let alone pay the full $60/bid on a contract that may be small. We’ve taken your feedback and implemented the following solutions in order to address as many scenarios as possible.

Please continue reading for details:

A Bid now Costs 0.01% of the Total Bid Price

If a contractor’s bid is $400,000 – their cost to submit their bid will be $40.
If a contractor’s bid is $800,000 – their cost will be $80.
Minimum = $15
Maximum = $100

This allows you to use ContractComplete for any size project without resistance from other stakeholders!

Contract Administrators can Pay Some or all of the Contractors’ Bid Fees

Now, the contract administrator can choose to pay a percentage of the contractor’s bid fee, from 0% – 100% in increments of 10%. This allows for the flexibility for consultants to subsidize as little or as much of the bids as they want. The choice is theirs.

Post-tender Contracts are also Variable!

If you have already done your own tendering and would like to use ContractComplete for our collaborative contract admin features, the cost is now based on the total contract price as well. The cost is now %0.05 of the total contract value ($75 minimum, $500 maximum).

Ex. A contract worth $600,000 costs $300.

What do contractors get for their bid fee?

  • Secure & honest encrypted bid submission.
  • No need to call a courier or hand deliver their bids.
  • Automatic formulas to minimize bid mistakes.
  • Unlimited users in their company can access their tenders.
  • Supports post-tender revisions and negotiations with owners and consultants.
  • Secure & honest encrypted bid submission.
    • Progress Reports to keep all team members up to date.
    • Change Orders with easy to use mobile e-signatures.
    • Professional automated Progress Billing electronically sent to consultants for easy and automated Payment Certification.
    • Unlimited Document Uploads and Management for the lifetime of the project
    • Android and iOS in-field apps for viewing documents, contract status and change order creation.

ContractComplete has improved so much over the last 9 months, reach out to us for a demo of all the new features we have implemented!

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