Features Update – July 2017

Its been a busy month at ContractComplete. We’ve completed several new features as well as improved several existing ones.

Announcing the Contract Import Service

Tired of importing your own contracts into ContractComplete? Let us do it for you – free of charge! Just click the

Do it for me
button on the projects page and upload your unit price contract in excel format. Regular contract fees still apply. These imports will appear in your account within 2-3 business days under typical circumstances.

Other features and improvements include but are not limited to the following:

  • A new and better change order editor provides better use of screen real estate and improved change order document customization and the ability to print a quote
  • Contract Cloning allows for much faster setup of new contracts.  For contractors, this is a stepping stone towards fully supported subcontracting features
  • Better provisional items: now you can group provisional items into folders and use your own custom numbering system
  • Upload custom addendum documents, and view which contractors have acknowledged each one


Coming up next, expect to see things like:


  • Better ways to view and organize contracts
  • Sophisticated post-tender negotiation system to avoid needing to create change orders upon awarding a contract

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