The Addendum Cookbook: 5 Steps to the Perfect Addendum (in 5 minutes)


This classic ContractComplete recipe will bring back fond memories of the tendering seasons of our forefathers in which slogging away in spreadsheets and word processors was an accepted and normal part of everyday life.  After trying this once, we’re confident that you’ll start sending addendums all the time – even just to say hi!

Prep Time
(time may vary depending on # of questions and contract changes)
Baking Time
10 Seconds
Any Number of desperately confused contractors


  • A ContractComplete contract in the tendering phase
  • Tender Form Changes (optional)
  • Provisional Item Changes (optional)
  • Document Uploads (optional)
  • Bidder Questions (optional)

Step 1: Prepping the Ingredients (2 Minutes)

Make any and all changes to the tender form, provisional items, and documents.  This can include unit or quantity corrections, additional items, or removing items from bill of quantities or provisional items.  The addendum builder will track all changes that you make to the contract after tendering has started.

After you’re finished making your changes, move over to the “Addendum Builder” tab and verify the changes that were tracked.  Once you’re satisfied, you can move to step 2.

Step 2: Answering Bidder Questions (2 Minutes)

Bidders may have already asked you questions through ContractComplete.  Use the “Questions” section in the addendum builder to ensure each question has an answer (or at least the questions that you feel deserve an answer).  Here you can also add questions that were asked offline if you would like them included in the formal addendum.

Step 3: Baking (20 Seconds)

Once you’re satisfied with the content of your addendum, use the checkboxes to select all items that should be included in the final PDF document, then click “Create from Selected” and give your addendum a name.  Then click OK.

Step 4: Garnish & Presentation (30 Seconds)

After baking you should have something resembling the perfect addendum.  But you may still wish to make minor changes to the text or formatting.  This is your opportunity to do that.  Once you are finished, you can add a signature to the document if you wish.

Nearly completed addendum
At this stage, you should have what looks like a nearly completed addendum

Step 5: Sending it Out (10 Seconds)

Once your addendum is ready, simply click the “Send Addendum” button in the upper right corner of the window to send the addendum out to the bidders.  Bidders get an email alerting them of the addendum and Can acknowledge once they have read it.  You can view these acknowledgements on the contract overview page.

For more information on this topic, check out our tendering video series.

If Addenda have been the bane of your existence and you would like a solution to simplify them, get in touch!

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