Feature Updates: Improved Holdback Invoices, Allowances, Negotiations and More

As the 2018 tendering season fast approaches, we thought we’d let you know about some of the new tender-focused features that we’ve implemented for ContractComplete.

For Consultants & Owners

Post-Tender Negotiation
Is your preferred contractor’s pricing way out of line on a few items? Maybe you need to change the scope or split up the contract. Our new post-tender negotiation feature should work nicely. Open negotiations with one or more contractors and put your best negotiations skills to work to save your client money.

Not sure yet how much your client is willing to spend on a particular item?  We know that allowances are a reality of unit price contracts, which is why ContractComplete now comes with built-in support for Allowances.  When drafting your contract, any item can be turned into an allowance by simply clicking the padlock icon in the appropriate row.

Flexible Bid Reviews
Contractors submitting half-baked bids on ContractComplete? Missing unit prices? No problem. You can still get an apples-to-apples comparison by using the new placeholder pricing feature! Just click on the missing price on the bid comparison to enter in a ballpark estimate to get a reasonable comparison between contractors – currently testing

For Contractors

Want to invoice multiple holdbacks at once? We have that now. Just check off the holdbacks you want to invoice and we’ll generate the perfect invoice in seconds.

For Everyone

Contract Followers
Getting too many emails? Now you can follow only contracts you’re managing using the “Followers” list. Accessible on the overview page, anyone can add the right individuals to the list. Don’t have time to set up the followers list for your contracts? That’s okay. Administrators will automatically receive emails if there are no other followers, and they can add you to the followers list.

Submit a Question during eTendering
ContractComplete’s first and foremost objective is to facilitate collaboration. Which is why we now have a question & answer framework for tenders. Bidders who have questions about a tender can now ask them through ContractComplete. And consultants now have a way of organizing these questions.

Addendum Builder
Soon, consultants will be able to automatically generate addendums from these questions and any changes made to the contract while the tender is open.

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