Back to Reality… with a new Solution for Early Adopters. Solo Mode.

Dreaming about the future… a future where double data entry doesn’t exist in land development. Where most contract administration is automated and simplified. Where all construction project stakeholders just invite each other to our platform, all at once and on the same day. Ha! The assumption was that collaboration would be widely accepted, so that’s how we built our product. It required contract administrators to invite all parties to use ContractComplete in order for the product to work smoothly.

It was nice to dream. Until our assumption was determined to be false. 

We were forced to face reality. The reality that full collaboration between firms is a process and takes time. Oh… and some people just don’t want to change their process; mostly because they came up with it on their own. Could implementing new collaborative software save them time and money? Of course, but change is hard. 

So, we put our thinking caps on and brainstormed.

“How can we provide value to the users that are excited about forward-thinking technology? Those excited to see change in our industry, without causing them pain or frustration?”

Introducing ContractComplete Solo Mode, for the industry leaders and early adopters. It gives them the ability to create contracts, change orders, progress reports, invoices or payment certificates, store them conveniently in the cloud to access wherever and whenever, without having to add other project stakeholders. Big sigh for relief. 

Yes, it may seem obvious now, but I’m telling you… it wasn’t. Here’s our new reality, not all contractors, consultants or owners are going to comply with a new software initiative introduced by others in their industry, and that’s ok. The not ok part? We didn’t plan for that.. but we have it now!

Solo Mode now allows all users to create contracts, use ContractComplete for the entire life cycle of the project independently or invite other project stakeholders at any point during the contract.

We feel this provides a lot of flexibility and removes a lot of the pressure to invite all your trade partners and clients to a new system in one sitting. Find out how you can now manage all your tenders and contracts in one place, without the stress of having to invite everyone all at once. Obviously, we would like you to, but really… take your time ;).

These are exciting times at ContractComplete as we gain more and more users, and continuously implement user-based feedback month after month!

Join our new Reality.

Sean C.

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