Our Contract-Importer powered by Artificial Intelligence needs your help.

Simplifying your transition from Excel with A.I.

We have developed an artificial intelligence powered excel importer but we need your help to make it better. We are on a mission to make your transition from excel to ContractComplete as seamless as possible. We realize that all firms have slightly different excel formats, which has made importing your contract spreadsheets for your bidding/tendering process rather painful. 

Naturally, there are a variety of progress workflows and contract styles and this makes it is a big challenge. Our users are consultants, contractors, and owners working on public and private projects. Some contracts are less than $25k and some over $20M. We see contracts/tenders/bids using MasterFormat, alphanumeric architectural numbering systems, and schedule of prices with layers and layers of sub-groupings. We want our Smart Importer to satisfy them all.

But, how can You help Innovation in Construction Management?

Glad you asked! 

Our SMART-Contract/tender-IMPORTER is hungry to learn more and we need your help! Send us your schedule of values template or a tender/bid package used in your office and we will commit to planting 3 trees! Even better, use ContractComplete for your first real tender and we will plant 25 trees!

Want to try ContractComplete on your own?

For any new users, we provide 1 trial contract/tender at no charge. For your own self-guided tour you can sign up directly here. 

Things to consider with your import:

  • The importer will only recognize spreadsheet- XLSM and XLSX format documents
  • All line items must be numbered (an alphanumeric system is accepted)
  • Separate columns need to line up (eg. item #, item/description, quantities, units, unit price)
  • The spreadsheet must only have one tab… For now.

Dream with us and join our reality.

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