Feature Update: Exciting Improvements to eTendering and Contract Admin

Some of the challenges with software development are timing, delays, and road mapping. Does that Sound familiar! Much like construction, there has to be a process from initial consultation, conceptual planning with a number of phases on our way to substantial completion + the never-ending maintenance planning so the process runs smoothly. In addition, construction stakeholders have to be forward-thinking, always hunting for the next projects. Kind of like Tuckman’s model of forming, storming, norming, and performing. Development stages in all examples are nearly synonymous; there is a process. Nevertheless, the new release is here, and below we list some of our eTendering and Contract Admin improvements.

We have some exciting eTendering and Contract Admin improvements for you!

Bid Management Improvements:

  • Allow individual bidder resubmissions with adjustable deadlines so you can allow bidders to fix mistakes.
  • Bid invites can be forwarded within their company so everyone in your “office” is on the same page.
  • Read-Only option for secondary stakeholders so you can give your clients and any other additional stakeholders real-time access to bid and contract progress. But let’s make sure they don’t mess around with anything.

Construction Phase improvements:

  • Auto-populate letterheads for payment and change documents with the client, contractor and consultant details
  • Performance improvements for larger Change Orders + change requests.
  • Single SAVE button for editing and configuring documents so you can edit your documents faster

*Top 5 Favorite eTendering and Contract Admin features:

  1. Instant bid-tabulation at the deadline
  2. historic line-item data pop-up for cost-estimating so no need to keep referring back to massive spreadsheets
  3. Auto-addenda builder so all of your changes are captures
  4. Smart-spreadsheet-importer: recognizes various contract styles
  5. Only allow submission of complete + compliant bids: with automated bidders checklist

Educational resources:

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Construction Contract Administration

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