Mastering the Construction Contract Life Cycle with ContractComplete

Here’s a typical construction contract life cycle on ContractComplete. From Draft to Project Execution.

The Draft Stage

The entire draft stage should take less than an hour from start to finish. Import your schedule of prices using our Excel importing tools. Then upload your documents, add bidders and instructions, set a deadline then initiate the tender! Other non-critical options to consider are:

  • whether you will allow incomplete bids,
  • whether you will allow bid encryption,
  • whether you will invite additional stakeholders (the client or sub-consultants),
  • to add a location,
  • to set the payment terms and holdback/retainage amounts.

For a complete step by step breakdown of how to prepare your first bid, please visit our documentation page here.

The Tendering Stage

During the tendering stage bidders can ask questions at any time, you can make edits to the schedule of prices and send addenda based on your changes if required. The best part is you can analyze bidder engagement before the deadline to see whether they will bid, how many have opened the contract documents and who has acknowledged the addenda. That way you know who needs a call.

For a complete breakdown of the tendering stage and it’s options, please visit our documentation page here.

The Bid Review Stage

After the bid is closed, review a line by line bid analysis within seconds. You may level bids if required and export to Excel and PDF. Some contractors refuse to use technology (less than 10%), so if that happens and they will only submit using a fax machine (kidding), you have an option to manually enter their bid.

Re-opening a bid/tender is also an option should you have to issue a post-tender addendum. Visit the 2 links above for detailed instructions on how to complete those 2 options.

The Negotiation/Award Stage

When you are ready you may negotiate further with one or multiple contractors, in which you may alter the scope of work from the original bid. You may also allow re-submissions for individual bidders should you not want to change the scope of work, just allow the bidder to review their numbers and submit again. When satisfied with the final pricing, you can award the contract to the desired contractor.

At this stage you will need to decide whether or not the contractor will use ContractComplete during the construction phase or not. If not, you may proceed in Solo Mode, if they will, you may proceed in Collaborative Mode.

The Construction Phase

During the construction phase you and other stakeholders can collaborate to propose changes, issue change orders, keep track of progress, process payment certificates to keep everyone on the same page and working smart and efficient. Support for RFIs and submittals have also been added recently.

The Construction Contract Life Cycle & You

Regardless of your company, if you work with unit price contracts, you will encounter this or a similar workflow. Why not make it easy on yourself with ContractComplete. Making the switch is surprisingly easy, and ContractComplete likely fits your existing workflow.

100% Free Support – Any Time

Feel free to call or email us at any time. Support is included at any step of the way for your team, your collaborators and your contractors. We just want you to have a smooth tender and contract experience.

Sean has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is the General Manager at Geoscape Contracting, and has been actively managing projects in the land development industry for over 10 years. He realized in 2015 that there must be a better way to do contract administration in order to minimize mistakes and save contractors and consultants time on their paperwork. He's a father, an entrepreneur and habitual crossfitter. He enjoys roasting coffee beans and uses the pour-over method to brew his daily cup.

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