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November improvements: “ahead of the curve”

Things are changing in construction and maintaining administration speed and accuracy is not the same as it used to be. 

We are grateful to work with progressive firms. You inspire us to explore better methods, workflows, and strategies to deliver a service you can rely on. Our agile User-ledRoadmap keeps us engaged with our valued customers to continuously develop a better product. See what’s new on ContractComplete.

Contract Administration upgrades:

  • Invoice/PC summary page: High-level view of accounts receivable/accounts payable; based on customized payment terms – See My Company>Invoices
accounts receivable payable paid approved rejected
  • Improved payment certificate breakdown: Original contract value + change orders, holdback/retainage for current progress draw + total
retainage holdback tax original contract value change orders approval net 30

Bid-Calling upgrades:

  • Request quote for quantities: Consultants/Purchasers/Bid-administrator can request additional information to generate an instant line-by-line comparison, in addition to pricing (eg. estimated start date, estimated material quantities, year over year inflations, # days to complete) – See Provisional Item Tab
number of days % #material estimates
  • Bid Document Audit Trail: Review bidders’ participation at any stage of tender. Acknowledged addenda are helpful, but bid-callers are seeking greater transparency to make better decisions for their Clients/Project-owners. This feature allows you to see who has downloaded, uploaded, and viewed the documents/bid-forms you are sharing; timestamped. See Documents Tab
views opens downloads uploads timestamped

*Ahead of the curve: The idiom is an abbreviation of the expression ahead of the power curve. The power curve is an aviation term, the mathematical interaction between drag and airspeed, or how the engine power of a given aircraft acts upon that aircraft’s airspeed. Pilots may talk about being ahead of the power curve or maintaining good speed and altitude or being behind the power curve in which case they lose speed and altitude. The idiom came into use in the 1920s, when more airplanes took to the skies and is sometimes incorrectly expressed as ahead of the curb – aka an eggcorn.

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