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10 New Features added to our Construction Bidding Software.

Check out the 10 latest features for bid and contract administrators we’ve recently added thanks to feedback from our clients! Whether you are an existing user or a landscape architect or civil engineer looking for construction bidding software, this article is for you.

1. See Bidder Engagement & Edit Intent to Bid.

You can now see how engaged your bidders are at any point during the tendering process. ContractComplete lets you know whether or not they’ve signed up, whether or not they intend to bid, how many documents they’ve downloaded, and how many addenda they’ve acknowledged.

You can also edit their intent yourself if you’ve spoken to them offline.

See bidder engagement during tendering

2. Add Multiple Bidders at once to a Bid.

Add and invite multiple bidders on one screen without delay. This process used to be done individually and we’ve sped it up by allowing you to add them all at once.

Add multiple bidders at once during the tendering

3. Add Multiple Users within the same Company.

You can also invite multiple contacts that work at the same company in one go now by clicking the ‘Add’ button. This way you can be certain that someone will answer the request, whether it’s the owner, project manager, or estimator.

Invite multiple users to a construction company

4. Prime Stakeholders can now add Read-only Additional stakeholders.

During the pre-construction phase, you can add an Additional Stakeholder using the “Add Stakeholder” button on the Overview Page. This could be used to invite owners, clients, sub-consultants, or partners so you can keep everyone informed.

After selecting the company, you are now able to select whether or not this company can edit the schedule of prices, as well as edit other bid details. Should you want to stay in control of the bidding process and maintain transparency, this is for you.

5. Prime Stakeholders can now set a Resubmission Deadline for individual bidders.

After the bid close, you can allow resubmissions for bidders.

Now you can set a deadline for resubmission. Previously, this was open ended and didn’t place enough pressure on the bidders to act accordingly.

6. Reopen tender/bid for all Bidders and issue post-tender Addenda.

Click the “Reopen Tender” after the bid closes if you need to send a post-tender addendum.

7. New Bidder Instruction Text Editor

Our new text editor now allows for tables, icons, links, and other rich-text features. This was recommended when one of our clients wanted to share a video meeting link with their bidders.

new bidder instruction text editor

8. Add a Note or Send a Message to Bidders without an Addendum.

If you wanted to send a message about a site meeting or other details without having to send an addendum, you can now send them to your bidders within ContractComplete. Or you could leave an internal note for your team’s eyes only.

Send a note or message to bidders

9. Fillable PDF Forms can be filled and submitted by bidders inline.

In the interest of keeping the bidding process digital, we allow fillable PDF forms to be filled out inline on ContractComplete. Once it is filled out, bidders save the form and submit it with their bid.

Watch this video for additional instructions:

Fillable PDF forms for bidders

10. Custom Link for Bidders to Subscribe to a bid.

Should you want to send out your own email inviting bidders to use ContractComplete, you can now copy and paste a custom link to the bid subscription page. The bidders simply follow the link and sign up to view the bid documents and confirm whether or not they will bid so you always know what to expect.

The Bidder Invite URL is located on the Summary pane of your bid and is only visible after the bid has been commenced.

bidder invite link

Stay tuned for the new features we’ve released during the construction phase. Please feel free to send us your feedback any time as we are constantly looking to improve your collective user experience and we are always looking to improve our construction bidding software.

For additional resources on how to conduct a bid on ContractComplete, feel free to visit the documentation page here.

Visit this page to schedule a demo with one of our construction bidding software experts.

Much love,

The Team at ContractComplete.

Sean has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is the General Manager at Geoscape Contracting, and has been actively managing projects in the land development industry for over 10 years. He realized in 2015 that there must be a better way to do contract administration in order to minimize mistakes and save contractors and consultants time on their paperwork. He's a father, an entrepreneur and habitual crossfitter. He enjoys roasting coffee beans and uses the pour-over method to brew his daily cup.

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