How to Digitally Sign A Change Order

What Is A Change Order?

Change notice, variation order, and change orders are synonyms for the file that acts as a binding agreement if a dispute arises regarding quality, labor, timing, or materials. It is the formal process to make changes to the original contract and promotes transparency. ContractComplete’s ability to digitally sign a change order makes the process faster and easier.

How Do You Sign A Change Order?

Sending change notices over email for clients to print, sign, and return is the industry norm. This process requires time and resources which results in further delays to the project’s timeline. Without a change order, workers could receive unfair pay and surprise fees may result in an unhappy client. A lack of innovation has left the industry with old-school methods that are costly and time-consuming. However, at ContractComplete, we recognize this pain point and have made a user-friendly solution to digitally sign change orders and increase efficiency, sustainability, and convenience.

I Have Made The Change Order…Now What?

Once you have created a change order, our software makes it simple to collect signatures. Upon clicking save, you will be prompted to share the file with signees. You will then be able to add signees and files before sending it out.  Most importantly, whether or not signees are ContractComplete users, they can access and e-sign the file.

Approving A Change Order

After sending the file through our e-signature software, it can be signed digitally or downloaded. To clarify, there is the option to digitally sign your name, or approve without signature.

Approval With Signature

If you digitally sign the change order, a pop-up will load with the e-sign terms and conditions. After agreeing, you will review and sign the change order. It is easiest to sign on a cell phone or touch screen device but a laptop also works.

Approval Without Signature

Click agree to skip the signing process and approve the change order without e-signing.

Administrating A Change Order With ContractComplete

Contract Complete’s ability to digitally sign a change order allows for clarity and ease. Once all parties have signed, stakeholders will get an email to notify approval. After that, the system will save the file in the Bill of Quantities Tab for all stakeholders. 

Interested In Learning More?

We would love to hear from you, book a demo here! If you would like to see more on how to digitally sign a change order, we have many demo videos available. 

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