3 Reasons To Implement A Contract Administration Platform Now

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It’s been a wild and stressful couple of years. For all of us.

Business demands have increased and on top of that more and more people are resigning from their roles, especially in land development and construction. It may be time to think about adopting a contract administration platform to help ease the burden. Here are some reasons why you should consider ContractComplete in 2022 to help your business prosper.

Reason #1: The Great Resignation is Real. 

According to a survey done by Microsoft, 41% of individuals are considering leaving or have recently left their positions. This number is staggering and is affecting all industries! 

Whether you are experiencing a staff shortage or simply want to avoid losing additional team members, it’s important to minimize their stressors and ensure the staff you still have is as efficient as possible. Efficiency is important, especially if you have fewer staff than last year to complete the same workload. ContractComplete streamlines all bidding and contract admin processes in order to save your team time. It minimizes data entry errors and lowers the tedious, mind-numbing stress of manual paperwork.

This allows them to finish earlier in order to increase their work/life balance or alternatively, they could spend more time doing the work they are passionate about: like designing great projects! 

Be wary of systems that take days or weeks to implement. You should be able to sign up and start your first project within a 45-minute training session. 

Reason #2: Early Adopters are Gaining an Advantage over you.

Collaborative construction management platforms are gaining in popularity, and are currently one of the top 10 biggest trends in the construction industry. We are near the end of the Early Adopters stage and quickly entering the Early Majority stage. Don’t let your firm be a Laggard!

If you aren’t taking advantage of a web-based contract administration platform instead of Word and Excel to streamline your processes, your competitors are gaining an advantage over your firm. When it comes to the construction bidding process, having a centralized system keeps your team organized, aligned, and able to operate at lightning pace while minimizing errors.

  • Bidder questions that come in automatically get added to Addendum
  • Track bidder engagement through the system so know how many bids to expect.
  • Bid analysis is instantaneous after the deadline, saving your team up to 8 hours of data entry on this function alone. 

Contract administration paperwork can also be time-consuming done the “old-fashioned way”. Whether it’s Change Orders, RFIs, Submittals, or Payment Certificates, it all takes time if your system isn’t collaborative with the other project stakeholders. 

“Contract Complete has become a staple in our office for administering our contracts and has saved our firm time and money while helping to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the process. We have looked at numerous software packages that are very cumbersome and we find the simplicity of contract complete very refreshing! We will continue to utilize this great tool!”

Owner and Principal Landscape Architect
Adesso Design Inc.

Reason #3: With Growth comes Growing Pains.

According to Verne Harnish in Scaling Up, only 0.4% of companies get to over $10,000,000 in annual revenue. One key reason is the lack of established structures and systems in place. Only 0.06% of companies get to over $50,000,000. That’s because as a firm grows with more people, projects, and offices, the complexity increases exponentially and is significantly more difficult to manage.

Only 0.4% of businesses surpass $10 Million in sales

That’s where Structure and Systems come in. 

Accounting systems are required, HR systems are required, timekeeping systems are required, internal communication systems are required and bidding/contract administration systems are required.

  • Processes need to be understood across the entire organisation and junior/new staff need to be trained effectively and efficiently.
  • Project documentation needs to be easily accessible for any and all stakeholders.
  • Document formatting (COs, CCNs, RFIs, Submittals, PCs) should also be consistent throughout.

The last thing you want is errors caused by untrained staff or even inconsistent document formats across different project teams. 

Your reputation depends on it. 

Without a proper system, growth will plateau.

Did you know ContractComplete is REALLY Easy to Use?

Simply put, ContractComplete is easier to use than any other contract administration platform.

  • Send out your first tender/bid within your first hour.
  • No complicated databases or servers to set up or maintain.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • No hidden training fees.
  • Easy, transparent and upfront pricing.

Don’t take my word for it, we had a new user make the investment on January 3rd and by the end of the day, he and his team had 2 tenders sent out to 5 different bidders. 

We wish you the best in 2022! Make the switch today and fill out the form below for a one on one demo or check out our pricing page.

Sean has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is the General Manager at Geoscape Contracting, and has been actively managing projects in the land development industry for over 10 years. He realized in 2015 that there must be a better way to do contract administration in order to minimize mistakes and save contractors and consultants time on their paperwork. He's a father, an entrepreneur and habitual crossfitter. He enjoys roasting coffee beans and uses the pour-over method to brew his daily cup.

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