Tender Draft stage

After creating the Tender using the “New Tender” button located in the “My Bids, Tenders & Quotes” page, the Tender will be in the Draft stage and your company will be the Primary Stakeholder.
In the Tender Draft stage 6 pages are provided.

Tender Draft stage pages

Next Stage:

After making changes on the mentioned pages you can start the Tendering stage. Go to the Overview page, set a deadline in the Summary section and click the “Commence Bidding” button. The Tendering stage will start and the bidders will receive an Email inviting them to Bid. If you forgot something don’t worry you will be able to make changes in the Tendering stage using the ContractComplete features. Also, many features are provided in the Post-Tender stage like Reopen Tender, Allow Resubmissions, Manual Bid Entry, etc. For more information about the next step click the Tendering stage.

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