A tendered contract is one that has yet to be awarded to a contractor and requires a bidding process. For Creating a Tender click the “My Bids, Tenders & Quotes” tab located on the top left side of the ContractComplete page. On the “My Bids, Tenders & Quotes” page two buttons are provided on the top left side.

  • New Tender
  • Create Quote
New Tender/ Create Quote Buttons

Click the “New Tender” button, then fill in the required fields on the ‘Create Tender’ window. Select Time Zone and Division from their drop down menu.

New Tender button

⚠ Division field may not appear on the Create Tender window if no divisions were added on the “User Configuration” page. If your Company has more than one division, you can add divisions on the User Configuration page located in the “My Company” tab. Please see the User Configuration for more information about the divisions.

Create Tender window 01
Create Tender window 02

After filling the required fields, selecting Time Zone and Division click the Accept button. Now the Tender is created, your company will be the Primary Stakeholder and the Tender will be in the Draft stage.


New Tender/ Draft stage


Next Steps:

Next steps are explained in details in the links below:

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