A negotiation is like a second contract, which can be manipulated in the contract editor in any way by the bidder and the primary stakeholder in the Post Tender stage. However it will not appear in the “My Contracts” page until negotiations have been concluded. In some cases, after the tendering process, a stakeholder may wish to make a scope change to a contract before awarding it. The Negotiate feature will help to make any of the following changes:

  • Add or remove the contract items (Schedule of Prices)
  • Add or remove provisional items
  • Change pricing, descriptions, item names, or quantities
  • Add or remove documents (although this can be accomplished more easily after the contract has been awarded)
  • Split the contract into two or more smaller contracts and award these to multiple contractors.

Click the buttons below to see the Negotiation from the view of Stakeholders and Bidders:  Negotiation Stakeholder’s View

 Negotiation Bidder’s View

Next Stage:

Once both parties have accepted the outcome of the negotiation, the primary stakeholder can decide to award the contract. The negotiated contract will move to the In Progress stage, becomes a standalone contract and be visible on the “My Contracts” page. The In Progress stage will start after awarding the contract. The selected bidder will receive an Email and a message in his/her action box notifying that they were selected to be the contractor. For more information about the next stage click the In Progress stage.

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