Post-Tender Stage

Tenders have a finite deadline. When the Deadline passes the Post-Tender stage will start. This article covers the post tender stage from the perspective of both the Stakeholders and Bidders.

 In a Tender, stakeholders can allow the bidders to encrypt their bid. If the bidders have encrypted their bid, the entered password must be communicated to the primary stakeholder after tendering is completed in order to unlock their bid.

In the Post Tender stage:

    • The Stakeholders can see the bidders submissions, comparing them with their budgeted prices and values, negotiate with the bidders and award the contract. In case the chosen contractor doesn’t have the ContractComplete account, the stakeholders can proceed to the next stage using the “Start Work in Solo Mode” button on the Overview page.The stakeholders have access to the features below:
      • Reopen Tender: By using this feature the Tendering stage will be displayed again for both stakeholders and bidders with a new deadline.
      • Allow Resubmission: The stakeholders can allow one or more bidders to resubmit their bid within a new deadline. The bidders then will be able to resubmit their bid before the new deadline passes.
      • Manual Bid Entry: The stakeholders can communicate with the bidders and manually enter the bidders’ prices for the items in the Schedule of Prices and Provisional items page.
      • Negotiate: The primary stakeholder can start to negotiate with one or more bidders using this feature in order to make a scope change to a contract before awarding it.

  • The Bidders will no longer be able to make changes or submit bid. They can only view the pages and documents, use the export option on the Schedule of Prices and Provisional items, download documents and files.
    • The bidders will be able to submit or resubmit their bid if the stakeholders use the Reopen Tender or Allow Resubmission features.
    • The bidders can communicate with the stakeholders so that the stakeholders can manually enter the Schedule of Prices and Provisional items prices for the bidders using the Manual Bid Entry feature.
    • The bidders can negotiate with the stakeholders if the stakeholders use the Negotiate feature in the Post Tender stage.

When the Post Tender stage starts, the stakeholders and bidders will still have two different views. Click the provided buttons to see their views.

Next Stage:

In the Post Tender stage, after reviewing the bidders’ submissions, the stakeholders may award the contract using the negotiation or directly by clicking the “Award Contract” button. Either way, the chosen bidder(s) will be notified by an email and a message in their action box. The In Progress stage will start after awarding the contract and the contract will be visible in the My Contracts page. For more information about the next stage click the In Progress stage.

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