Leveraging Social Media for Construction Business’

Leveraging Social Media For Construction Businesses

So, are you in the construction business and looking to get started on social media? This article shares 3 tips on how to utilize social media for construction businesses.

At the time of writing, there are 3.5-billion social media users around the world. Yes, that’s nearly half of the world’s population! There’s no denying that these platforms have become a key part of our daily lives. In fact in the USA alone there are 231.47 million people on social media.

Despite these convincing statistics, many construction businesses underestimate the value that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn can provide to their company. 

As intimidating as it may seem, implementing social media into your business’ marketing strategies doesn’t have to be stressful! Infact, it is a simple task which will lead to reaching new customers, generating more leads and building a positive brand awareness. 

We hope you find these helpful.

1. Have a Planned Outline

Where do I start? Why am I posting? Don’t worry, we understand. If you’re new to social media, this can be overwhelming. Think of it like construction documents. Just like you wouldn’t dive into a project without plans, you shouldn’t dive into social media without plans either. 

When getting started, it’s important to have a purpose behind your content and a clear outline of what you want to achieve. To do this, develop goals that follow the SMART framework – meaning they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. For example, are you trying to generate a certain amount of leads in 6 months? Don’t get too caught up in the number of likes and remember quality over quantity! 

To stay organized with a clear outline, utilize a social media content calendar. These are sometimes included with your CRM or they can be found for free on Google. Also, utilize the schedule ahead of time tools within each social media platform. 

2. Emphasis on Quality

What do I post? It’s the next important question after determining how to start! In order to get quality followers, you must share quality content. But what does this look like? Here are some examples of quality content that construction businesses can share:

  • Inspiring renderings of trending construction projects
  • Job site progress videos
  • How to or industry relevant informative videos
  • Employee features to share more about your team and highlight company culture
  • Sharing industry news
  • Before and after photos of projects
  • Machinery equipment photos
  • Articles and blog posts to highlight what makes your business stand out

3. Be Personable & Authentic

Your social media will be the face of your brand. You don’t want to look like everyone else, you want to stand apart from competitors while being professional yet personable. 

Create engaging content. Ask questions in your captions. Reply to comments/messages. Share enticing visuals. Keep your theme layout consistent. 

Overall, keep your content engaging and appealing to your audience.

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Sean has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is the General Manager at Geoscape Contracting, and has been actively managing projects in the land development industry for over 10 years. He realized in 2015 that there must be a better way to do contract administration in order to minimize mistakes and save contractors and consultants time on their paperwork. He's a father, an entrepreneur and habitual crossfitter. He enjoys roasting coffee beans and uses the pour-over method to brew his daily cup.

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