RFI (Request For Information)

An RFI seeks the clarification of plans, drawings, specifications and agreements. A formal written process in which parties, such as the contractor and designer, clarify information gaps in documents.On the RFI page, contractors can quickly generate formal requests and upload pdf files. They can upload and mark up images to be included in the RFI, then send the document to the stakeholders for a response. Stakeholders can add responses and upload pdf files after receiving an RFI. They can upload and mark up images to be included in the RFI and send it to the contractor. Stakeholders can also send the RFI to a third party who doesn’t have a ContractComplete account; they can choose to either review the 3rd party reply before sending it to the contractor or just allow the 3rd party to directly send the reply to the contractor using the ContractComplete features. The 3rd party can also upload pdf files, upload and mark up images. When the contractor receives the RFI response if they need more clarification they can reopen the RFI and stakeholders have to provide further information and resend the RFI. RFI page is currently only available for Collaborative mode contracts in “In Progress” and “Completed” stages.

RFI-Contractor’s view
RFI-Stakeholders’ view 

On the RFI page a donut chart is provided. The chart displays the percentage and the number of RFIs of each status. (To see the numbers just hover over each status.)
An RFI can have one of the statuses displayed below. Click on each status to see the description.


Total RFIs: Total RFIs displays the total number of RFIs which will be different for stakeholders and contractors views since draft RFIs are only displayed on the contractors side.
Reopen Percent: The Reopen Percent will display the percentage of responded RFIs that were at least reopened once.
Average Response time: Stakeholders’ response times to “Submitted” and “Reopened” RFIs will be tracked and an average will be displayed on the RFI page.

Note: Stakeholders and Contractor can find the users’ names and the time they have changed an RFI Status using the “RFI History” button located in each RFI. Contractor can delete RFIs in any status.

For detailed information about Submittals in each view click the links below:

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