Tendering-Stakeholder’s Vie

This article covers the tendering process from the perspective of the Stakeholders. If you are a Bidder, you may wish to read the page covering Tendering Bidder’s View.

Commence Bidding

After making changes in the Draft stage, you can start the Tendering stage. In the Draft stage go to the Overview page, set a deadline in the Summary section and click the “Commence Bidding” button. The Tendering stage will start and the bidders will receive an Email and a message in their action box, inviting them to Bid.

RFP Deadline
Commence Bidding



⚠ If you forgot something in the Draft stage don’t worry, you can make any change you wish to a contract in the tendering phase. Making changes in the schedule of prices, provisional items, documents and bidder instructions pages immediately updates the view that the bidder has of the contract.


In the Tendering stage the Stakeholders will see 7 pages same as the following. Please go through the provided tabs to see the detailed explenation of each page.

Next Stage:

When the Deadline passes the Post-Tender stage will start. You will be able to see the bidders submissions, comparing them with your budgeted prices and values, negotiate with them and award the contract. Many features are provided in the Post-Tender stage like Reopen Tender, Allow Resubmissions, Manual Bid Entry, etc. For more information about the next step click the Post-Tender stage.

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