Invoice Tracking for Unit Price Contracts
Progress Billing & Payment
Certification made Easy

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Receive Consistent Invoices
from your Contractor
Instant, Error-Free
Payment Certificates

Easy to Read and Understand
Contractors Create
Beautiful Progress

No More Excel Errors in spreadsheets. Eliminate
Inconsistent Formats. Rest assured it's the most
up to date invoice.

Save Time
Instant Payment

Keep cash flowing.
Reduce double data entry.
Eliminate Errors.


"As a contract administrator, the invoice review and Payment Certification process is very easy and fast. Changes can be made very fast and reissued for review. I also like the ability to track progress on the projects with the visual tracking bar"

Collin S.
Senior Landscape Technologist
Strybos Barron King

Centralize your Project Data
Track Progress Across
All your Projects

Know where your team is at within a glance, from
anywhere in the world.

ActionBox Daily Reminders
Never Miss a
Contractor Invoice

All submitted invoices go straight to your
ActionBox, as well as your email and mobile
App. Receive daily reminders so billing delays
don't cause scheduling delays.

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