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For smaller firms
looking to gain a
competitive edge

1 Pro User
1 Read Only User

For medium sized
companies focusing on
top line earnings

3 Pro Users
3 Read Only Users

For established firms
looking to improve
collaboration accross
large teams.

10 Pro Users
10 Read Only Users
Extra Users

in between?

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Not Administering
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for you.

$495/per contract
Includes all features included in the montly plan
(up to $5,000,000 contract value)

What You're Getting:

Budgeting graphic Bidding graphic Project management graphic
On all monthly subscription plans. Because the more you use ContractComplete, the more you save. Includes all Budgeting, Bidding, contract admin and progress billing features. Because we want our customers to win big with ContractComplete.

Pricing FAQ

Who should purchase ContractComplete?

ContractComplete is for both contract administrators (civil engineers, landscape architects, prime consultants) and contractors working with unit price contracts. The value delivered is different depending on which role best describes your company, but ContractComplete is a flexible tool benefiting all parties in the value chain.

Are there any additional fees not mentioned above?

No. Integrity and transparency are core values for us. We will not charge you beyond your monthly subscription fee (should you choose a subscription), or the flat, per contract fee (Should you choose to purchase per contract).

Which plan is appropriate for me?

A per contract plan is only economical for customers managing a small number of contracts per year (for example 2 or 3). For a higher number of contracts, a monthly plan is recommended. Many of our low volume users enjoy using ContractComplete enough that they quickly move as many of their contracts as possible into the system.

I'm a contract administrator. Do my contractors have to pay anything to collaborate on ContractComplete?

Absolutely not! As a paying ContractComplete customer you can add bidders and contractors to work with you on your contracts at no extra cost.

Does ContractComplete offer a free trial?

Yes! Trials are available on request. We will work with you to ensure you get the most benefit possible out of your free trial.

Do I need to pay for training?

ContractComplete is designed to be as easy as possible to use and requires little to no training beyond some initial guidance. That said, training and support is provided free of charge where it is required.

What is the payback period on my investment?

This depends on how many contracts you are using ContractComplete to manage. However the vast majority of new customers say they experience a significant return immediately after their first bid.

How long does onboarding take?

That depends entirely on your schedule. User experience is one of our top priorities and ContractComplete is very easy to learn. So typically, we can complete onboarding with a single session lasting less than one hour. For more information about onboarding, please see our FAQ.


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