How to Invite Users/Colleagues

1. From the main page, Select “My Company” tab on the top right, then select “Contacts”:

Here is where you will find all your company’s existing contacts within your ContractComplete database.

2. To invite a new user, select “Invite Company” and enter the email of the recipient you wish to invite.

  • If the recipient already exists in the database, the contact will be shown. You cannot add this email again.
  • If the recipeint does not exist, select “Invite User” below the email. This option only appears after you have correctly entered an email not currently in the database.

3. Send the invite to a single person or multiple people from the same company.

  • Enter all details of the recipient and company name. Select “Add” to invite more than one person from the same company:

  • Once you have added all the recipients, click “Send.”

An email will be sent to the recipient(s) with details on how to join ContractComplete.

Resend Invite

  • You can also resend an invite in case the user didn’t sign up:

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