ContractComplete Is Transforming the Digital Landscape

The demand for performing work digitally is increasing which means the days of doing manual bidding, written payment certificates and hand-signed documents are a thing of the past. To catch up with this demand, it’s important to choose a bidding software that correlates with your company’s needs. With the options of different e-tendering software platforms, it can be challenging to make a decision. Here’s how ContractComplete is transforming the digital landscape.

1. Streamlining the Bidding Process

Are you a prime consultant responsible for facilitating bids on behalf of your client? If so, there are many challenges to be faced.

With ContractComplete’s construction software, we simplify and organize the bidding process. Our platform only allows compliant and complete bids to be submitted, making the negotiation and award process simple and fair!

Utilize our bidders checklist to ensure bidders are aware of what is happening throughout the project.

2. Collaboration Capabilities

Changing the scope of work, signing documents, updating specs, issuing payment certificates are all essential aspects of a project. Unfortunately, they come with many mistakes.

With ContractComplete’s contract administration software, all stakeholders can easily collaborate with automation and user preferences. Our users receive real-time updates and tools to prevent incorrect or missing steps.

3. Tabulating Bids and Levelling

Tabulating bids and levelling is essential and often a tedious task. It can take hours and even on some projects, days to properly complete.

With ContractComplete’s construction software, Tender tabulations are instantly available at the deadline and they are accurate! (Consultants can control if incomplete bids are eligible for submission or not).

4. Electronic Forms and Signatures

Compiled paperwork only to realize you’re missing important signatures? This small mistake can be time consuming, but we have a solution!

In the interest of transforming the digital landscape, ContractComplete’s construction software keeps the entire bidding process digital. This is achieved through allowing PDF forms to be signed electronically and submitted within the bids.

5. Viewing Bidder Engagement and Editing Intent to Bid

Curious about how bidders are engaging? With ContractComplete’s bidding software, you have access to see how bidders are engaging throughout the tendering process. Our software capabilities allow access to see whether or not they’ve signed up, whether or not they intend to bid, how many documents they’ve downloaded, and how many addenda they’ve acknowledged.

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The team at ContractComplete

Sean has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is the General Manager at Geoscape Contracting, and has been actively managing projects in the land development industry for over 10 years. He realized in 2015 that there must be a better way to do contract administration in order to minimize mistakes and save contractors and consultants time on their paperwork. He's a father, an entrepreneur and habitual crossfitter. He enjoys roasting coffee beans and uses the pour-over method to brew his daily cup.

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  1. It’s very interesting that you can give yourself such a complete overview of the bidding process. I actually didn’t even know that it was possible to gather so much information from it.

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