Announcement: Strategic Partnership with the American Society of Landscape Architects

After a positive review with the professional practises network at ASLA, we are excited to team up with a prestigious society founded over 120 years ago. Despite the existing innovative transformation in construction, the timing couldn’t be better with ASLA’s recent release of the Landscape Architect’s Guide to Construction Contract Administration. With the challenges faced working remotely, what a great opportunity to connect with members seeking to learn more and innovate the way they do business.

The firms we work with are all about optimizing their talents and providing their people with tools to do their best work. Our solution is designed to unlock the time spent administering contracts and enabling more business. Collaboration among colleagues, clients, consultants and contractors is the foundation of our solution. We help solve the risks, errors and delays associated with manual-multiple-duplicated-data-entry-efforts.

Advancing landscape architecture through advocacy, communication, education, and fellowship is ASLA’s mission for its 15,000 members, and we are totally on board for the ride!

ASLA members can save up to 25% on ContractComplete today and students and professors can use the software for free simulations. Learn more and claim your member discount by visiting the ASLA software webpage.

We will be setting up 30-minute demos and orientation sessions over the course of the next few months and encourage you to schedule a time with a CC representative while space is available.

See ASLA newsletter annoucement

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