2019: ContractComplete in Review

We had an enormous year creating new features for our engaged users. The positive feedback and praise will fuel our new developments in 2020. Instilling project performance is our vision, but our mission is to bring the people that make it happen together and provide them with a trustworthy SaaS product that actually makes an impact.

January 2019 

  • Bid-levelling enhancements: review qualification notes and balance RFP price submissions for instant line-by-line tender-tabulation.

March 2019 

  • ContractComplete milestone – Administers bids for over $10M of work.

April 2019 

May 2019 

  • Optimized Mobile eSigning – Authorize change requests from anywhere – we use OneSpanSign

May 2019 

June 2019 

  • Enhanced Change Request/Order workflows – generate CCN, CCO, CN, request contractor pricing, proposed changes + Authorize anywhere.

July 2019  

  • Solo Mode – All stakeholders can collaborate or choose a completely independent workflow tool

August 2019 

  • Multi-office divisions – improvements to user permissions + scalability

September 2019

  • Bid-Audit – examine bidders engagement at any time

October 2019

  • Quantity Quoting – allow for line-by-line comparison of quoted quantities (estimate of material, annual inflations, durations of work units etc.)
  • Daily Commercial News no longer monopolizes publishing Certificate of Substantial Performance and other mandatory notices in Ontario. See Link2Build and Ontario Construction News

November 2019 

  • Payment Certificate Update – A digestable template improvement showing all the holdbacks/retainage to date, original contract value + changes

December 2019 

  • Fillable forms – One window Submission!!! – remove print-sign-scan and aching-breaky form filling workarounds.

January 2020 

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