Monthly Archives: March 2018

Quality, Reliability or Price – Pick Two (unless you’re Jeff Bezos)

A wise man once told me “Quality, Reliability or Price? Pick Two” and it stuck with me even years later as a reminder that it’s not always about price. Then I thought about what Amazon has been able…

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The Addendum Cookbook: 5 Steps to the Perfect Addendum (in 5 minutes)

  This classic ContractComplete recipe will bring back fond memories of the tendering seasons of our forefathers in which slogging away in spreadsheets and word processors was an accepted and normal part of everyday life.  After trying this…

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Quality Doesn’t Cost, it Pays (Even for the Contractor)

As consumers, we’ve either been taught to appreciate quality or we’ve learned the hard way that the least expensive option isn’t always the cheapest in the long run. This can be especially true when hiring contractors because the…

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